Dear DCGR Supporters,

November 6, 2012 will no doubt be recorded in our history books. Grand Rapids’ citizens took a stand and made their own laws by passing City Prop 2!

After six months of gathering more than 10,000 signatures and contacting thousands of voters, the citizens of Grand Rapids decided to support a smarter way. Moving forward, simple marijuana possession and use crimes will be handled as a civil infraction, resulting in a ticket. We are excited to see this initiative, which will save $2.5 million dollars and keep countless youth out of jail, pass with such strong support from the community. We could not have done this without the generous support of many residents and the broad base of community leaders that endorsed this campaign, including: Former Mayor Logie who served as our Honorary Campaign Chair, Mayor Heartwell, Commissioners Bliss, Kelly, and White, along with many School Board Members and County Commissioners. This campaign has engaged every background, area of the city, and has had its strongest support from the citizens who live our neighborhoods. DCGR is an example that citizens can make change in their community.

Decriminalisation GR is  an organization that is taking initiative to  decriminalise  Marijuana in the City of Grand Rapids, US. The organization is taking this initiative  to other cities in the world. They are conducting surveys in this regard. They will conduct a survey in India in Jan 2016. Couponmachine.in, Online coupon Portal is  the company based  in India that is supporting  DCGR to reach their goals. We are still looking for sponsors from India who can support our campaign in 2016. Our campaign starts from New Delhi and it ends at Kanyakumari.

Thank you again to everyone. Onward GR!

This website is paid for by DecriminalizeGR, PO Box 6776, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49516.

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